Unpermitted, Unapproved, Bootleg Construction?

If you have been "cited", you have a problem:

  • Unpermitted construction, addition or remodel?
  • Unapproved property addition or conversion?
  • Bootleg unit or construction?
Illegal garage, basement or attic conversion?


When is a Building Permit Required?

As a rule of thumb, a building permit is required for any property modification over $500.

Per County Code, a building permit is required for any of these reasons:  to construct, enlarge, remodel, repair, move, remove, convert, or demolish any building or structure, or portions thereof.  This includes garages, patios, carports, storage sheds, pools, retaining walls, fences, the addition or removal of interior or exterior walls, etc.

A separate permit is required for each separate building or structure.

The building permit does not cover any plumbing, sewer, electrical, HVAC, fire protection system, drainage, grading or landscaping to be performed in association with the work described on the building permit. Separate permits must be obtained for each of these items.

Additional examples of work that require a permit are: roofing/reroofing, stucco, window and door change-outs, closing or sealing off windows and doors, drywall replacement, fire damage repairs, adding and removing partition walls, and enclosing patios.

This means most home improvement projects and commercial tenant improvements will require a building permit.  And any changes you make to your property without a permit are subject to inspection and citation by the LA Housing Department or the LA Department of Building and Safety.  You do not want to do this alone!  Property Forensic knows the permitting process, as well as, the huge number of codes that you my violate.

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What if changes were made before I owned the property? Am I still at fault?

Yes! The current owner is responsible for complying with a Notice and Order to Comply or a  Notice of Substandard Conditions from the LA Housing Department or the LA Department of Building and Safety, even if previous owners or tenants have performed the unpermitted work or created the violation. The violation may be decades old, and undisclosed by the previous sellerIt is the current owner who is liable.

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