Received an "Order to Comply" in Los Angeles?

About "Notice and Order to Comply"

An Order to Comply in Los Angeles is a citation issued by the LA Housing Department (LAHD) or the LA Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) for building code violations or substandard conditions. 

You must take effective action within a limited time to resolve the issues identified in an Order to Comply or you may face fines, penalties and fees (or even criminal prosecution in extreme cases) – in addition to the cost of resolving property violations that are listed in the order.

Why did I get an "Order to Comply"?

An Order to Comply may be issued for a number of reasons:

  • First, a building inspector may literally “drive-by” your property and spot a condition believed to be a violation that warrants immediate action.
  • Second, a person from an adjacent or abutting property may have filed a complaint with the Code Enforcement Division regarding unapproved construction or additions to an existing structure.  Unfortunately, the identity of the complainant is held in confidence and you must deal with the government to resolve your Order to Comply.
  • Third, during the approval process for new construction, it may come to light that unapproved construction occurred in the past.  Once discovered, the current owner is now liable to fully comply with all city and county code.
Fourth, the SCEP – Systematic Code Enforcement Program –  requires that multi-family rental properties with two or more occupied units be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that the units are safe and habitable.  If your property violates city, county or state code, it may be cited with an Order to Comply

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