REAP – Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why are properties placed into REAP?

A:   Properties are place into REAP for the following reasons:

  1. The building or unit(s) was subject to one or more Notice and Order to Comply or Substandard Order.
  2. The period allowed for compliance, including any extensions, expired without compliance.
  3. The cited violations affect the health and safety of the occupants.


Q:  I am an owner and I received a letter in the mail saying that my property is going into REAP.  I don’t believe it should go into REAP. What can I do?

A:    Fill out the REAP Appeal form and list the reasons why you do not think your property should be placed into REAP.  Be sure to fill out both pages completely and submit the REAP Appeal form by the deadline listed on the form.


Q:   My tenant received a letter from the City about REAP. What is the City telling the tenant?

A:    The tenant has been told that his or her unit has been place into REAP because there are Housing Code habitability violations on the property that you, the owner, have not fixed.  The tenant is given the option to participate in the REAP program and to pay a reduced rent into a City Escrow Account.


Q:   I hear that my tenant’s rent could be reduced if the property/unit is in REAP.  Is this true??

A:    Depending on the code violations and the severity, a tenant can have his or her rent reduced by 10 to 50 percent.   Look at the form with the City seal .  Down the side will be the rent reduction percentage.


Q:   Can I evict a tenant for paying my rent into the REAP Escrow Account?

A:    No.


Q:   I hear that REAP regulations allow tenants to make a request for a release of funds from the escrow account for repairs to their own unit or to relocate.

A:    Yes.  Tenants may obtain a Release of Escrow application form, and may submit it along with documents such as invoices and receipts demonstrating the cost of repairs , the cost of rental listings, signed agreements for a new rental, or moving expenses for relocation.  The application will go to a Release of Escrow Hearing.  Once the Hearing Officer has reached a decision about the application, both parties will have 10 days to appeal.  The total process may take 2 to 3 months.


Q:   How do I, the property owner, get the money from the escrow account?

A:    The owner of record may apply to have funds released from the escrow account for repairs or to pay for utilities.  An application with associated documentation must be filed. See the previous question for details on the process.  It may take 2 to 3 months to receive the funds.

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