Cited by the Code Enforcement Program?

SCEP-Systematic Code Enforcement Program?

The City of Los Angeles requires that multi-family rental properties with two or more occupied units be thoroughly inspected on a scheduled basis (on a 3-4 year cycle). The program, conducted by the LA Housing Department (LAHD), is called SCEP (pronounced “skep”).  Inspectors identify habitability problems which fall under Section 1941.1 of the California Civil Code, the Uniform Housing Code of the State of California, and the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

Properties that do not meet the minimum standards of the City and State codes regarding issues of maintenance, use, or habitability are cited with property violations. See “Received an ‘Order to Comply’ in Los Angeles?”

Substandard Order and Notice of Fee?

The LA Department of Building and Safety is responsible for identifying and expediting the correction of substandard and unsanitary residential buildings and dwelling units.  LA’s Code Enforcement Division enforces standards, regulations and procedures to eliminate or prevent what it calls “ dangerous, substandard, unsanitary, or deficient residential buildings and dwelling units”.

If you receive a Substandard Order and Notice of Fee you are already facing an expensive fee that could double or triple if you do not act quickly. In the Substandard Order will be a list of violations that you must correct within 30 days. Don’t wait!

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Notice of Inspection?

A Notice of Inspection is a warning that the SCEP inspection process is about to begin.  SCEP (pronounced “skep”) is the LA Housing Department’s Systematic Code Enforcement Program.  SCEP inspections are serious business.  It is much better to “play offense” and call us to help you identify potential problems before the LAHD Inspector arrives. Once the Inspector arrives, you are “playing defense” in a fast-paced game with mounting fines and costly property  remediation.

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The Notice of Inspection is mailed to each residential rental property owner approximately 30 days before the scheduled inspection. A secondary notice is posted at the property site 5-7 days prior to the inspection to inform the tenants of the date and time to anticipate the arrival of the inspector.  Note: shorter time frames may be imposed for properties referred by an inspector or other enforcement agency.

Notice of Noncompliance?

A Notice and Order to Comply or Notice and Order of Abatement is issued when a property does not meet the City and State codes regarding issues of maintenance, use or habitability. The City, State, Zoning and Environmental codes are complex and always changing.  For most violations, property owners must abate all substandard property conditions within 30 days and according to the Compliance Date on the notice. If you have been cited for a dangerous or hazardous condition, the compliance period may be a matter of days.

Soon after the Compliance Date, the LA Housing Department Inspector will arrive to conduct a second inspection.  If corrective work has not been completed, you will be issued a Notice of Noncompliance.  If you do not comply with the original order within a specified amount of time, you may be assessed another fee and your case may be referred to the City Attorney for legal action without further notice.

You are on a time tightrope with serious financial consequences which will become increasingly time consuming.

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Notice of General Manager's Hearing?

If deficiencies are not corrected in the time specified on the Notice and Order to Comply or Notice and Order of Abatement, the property owner will be summoned to an administrative  General Manager's Hearing to explain the reason(s) for non-compliance.  Based on the determination at the Hearing and the Los Angeles Municipal Code, the owner may be required to refund the Department for all inspection and administrative costs after the first re-inspection.  The Hearing Officer may also determine that the case be recommended for criminal prosecution.


Your case has become not only serious but sensitive.  Property Forensic has experience attending the General Manager’s Hearing with property owners or as their representative.  Call us immediately.  You do not want the Hearing Officer to rule against your case.  If that happens, you will be faced with:

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