Tenant Complaints?

Tenant Complaints about Property Violations

Beware!  The City and County make it easy for a tenant to file a complaint against his or her landlord / property owner. 

A tenant does not need to wait for the regularly scheduled SCEP – Systematic Code Enforcement Program -  inspection to report a property violation. Any person may report Housing Code violations in a residential rental unit or in the surrounding common areas of the residential property.

There is no fee for reporting a violation. Tenants may not be evicted nor harassed by landlords for reporting a violation. The personal information provided by the complainant remains confidential except for the property address of the location and the nature of the violation. 

The City of Los Angeles makes it especially convenient by providing  online forms for obtaining property profiles and for reporting a property violation.


See http://cris.lacity.org/cris/informationcenter/code/propprofile.htm for the property profile form.

See http://cris.lacity.org/cris/informationcenter/code/ViolationReport.htm  for the violation reporting form.


Tenant Protections during the REAP Process

Many rules and protections exist for tenants of a unit/property that is in the REAP process.  See the LA Housing Department website regarding “Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) Information for Tenants”.


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